Our passion lies in the creation of great storytelling through strong motion. We love collaborating with like minded creative organisations and individuals across complementing fields.

Joseph Langdon - Motion designer

Joseph Langdon is the founder of Moving Pixels and an experienced motion designer based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Having worked in advertising for many years, Joe has an excellent arsenal of 2d and 3d motion design skills.

Joshua Cameron - Motion designer

Joshua Cameron is a like-minded motion designer, based in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in game design and film production, Josh is the perfect addition to any motion team.

Master of the Jack


Harald Fossen - VFX Superviser.

Harald Fossen is the master of visual effects. With a proven track record in title sequencing and a background in film, Harald is an integral part of any motion project needing VFX.

VFX Showreel

Snø - Product design

Snø is an industrial design agency based in Fredrikstad, one hour from Oslo, Norway. With a national and international product portfolio, they offer services in design and product development.

Snø The letter «Ø» is unique to Scandinavia. A landscape of snow has many crystals. They consist of water and when they freeze they get their unique structure and shape.


Max Estes - Illustrator

Max Estes is an American children’s author, designer and illustrator based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Max has a unique simplistic style that has proven to be an excellent option for many motion projects.


Langdonlorraine - Designers

langdonlorraine is a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. With a strong background in identity and branding, driven by creative thinking, they are a great asset to any project.


Carlos Rollán Usero - Illustration/graphic design

Carlos Rollán Usero is an accomplished graphics designer from Spain. With a background in illustration and a keen eye for photography, Carlos is a great asset to any motion design project.


Provinsen - Graphic Designers

Provinsen is an established boutique graphic design agency based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Well known for their success in an array of title sequences, they specialize in visual identity and are always open for a good collaboration.


Something Odd - Consultant

Something Odd is a consulting agency with a strong focus on digital learning development, content production and marketing.


Blender Collective - Co-working

Moving Pixels is a member of  Blender Collective, a collaborative co-working space located in the heart of Fredrikstad, Norway.